The original 'farmer's sausage', boerewors is made from 100% premium Australian beef and lightly spiced with coriander and other herbs and spices. Juicy and tasty, this traditionally long piece of sausage is best cooked coiled-up on the braai (barbecue) or simply in a frying pan.

Enjoy it with 'pap' (corn meal) and a simple tomato and onion sauce in true South African style or eat it in a fresh and crusty bread roll.

Available in 1 kilogram packs, or loosely at selected delicatessens and stores in two flavours: original and peri peri.


Protea foods Biltong and dry wors (droewors) is available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, perth, Adelaide, and hobart

Air Dried Droëwors

Protea Foods' droëwors (dried sausage) is simply like a boerewors that has been air-dried. They have a wonderful crispiness and flavour like no other product you've tried before.



With a variety of different biltong products in various flavours, Protea Foods has the right biltong product for you. Which is your favourite?

Protein Punch

Protein Punch is a high protein, low carb, air-dried beef snack for athletes and the fitness conscious. 2016 AFL Premiers, The Western Bulldogs, enjoy it as part of their diet regime.

The Biltong Factory

The Biltong Factory is Protea Food's factory outlet. As well as selling biltong and boerewors, we also stock other popular South African groceries.